About DeFi

According to Consensys, “DeFi (Decentralized Finance) refers to the economic paradigm shift enabled by decentralized technologies, particularly blockchain networks. From peer-to-peer payment systems to automated loans to USD-pegged stablecoins, DeFi has emerged as one of the most active sectors in the blockchain space, with a range of use cases for developers, individuals, and institutions.”

Top 5 DeFi List


Brief Introduction

MakerDAO is a decentralized credit platform on Ethereum that supports Dai, a stablecoin whose value is pegged to USD.

Compound is an algorithmic money market protocol on Ethereum that lets users earn interest or borrow assets against collateral.

Aave is an open source non-custodial protocol on Ethereum for decentralized lending and borrowing.

Synthetix is a decentralized platform on Ethereum for the creation of Synths: on-chain synthetic assets that track the value of real-world assets.

InstaDApp is a smart wallet with an intuitive interface built on top of popular DeFi projects like MakerDAO, Compound, Uniswap, etc. for managing assets.

Market Opportunity

DeFi has become the most promising growth area in the crypto industry. The amount of ETH locked in DeFi has been following an net-upward trend since mid-2019. In June 2020, Compound released its COMP governance token,releasing a complex yet highly lucrative mechanism known as Yield Farming. According to the data tracker website DeFi Pulse, the impact of the Yield Farming Frenzy on the Total Value Locked(USD) in DeFi has been tremendous, causing the TVL to reach an all-time-high of $3.03B. However, DeFi is still in its early stage, lacking sophisticated, valuable derivatives and Credit-based leverage tools to allow the investors to achieve the maximum amount of interests and yet pump up liquidity to the crypto world.


PROXI is DeFi 2.0 for Cross Chain Derivative Issuance and Credit Lending. PROXI provides the smartest way to invest derivative assets and earn interests with credit-based high leverage tools through the decentralized secure protocol.

The mission of PROXI is to build a one-stop platform for cross-chain multi-asset collateral service, Credit-based lending, derivative issuance, trading and asset management in the DeFi area, providing users with revolutionary, decentralized, and risk-minimized financial products.

Key Highlights

  • Cross-chain Interoperability

  • Infinite Liquidity

  • Decentralized Multi-asset Collateral Pool

  • Credit-based high leverage tools

  • Limitless Derivative Issuance

  • Ideal Risk Management


PROXI is aiming to build an open, sustainable and profitable DeFi ecosystem based on the existing infrastructure, including:

  • POS-based Blockchain, such as Binance Chain, COSMOS, Polkadot, Tezos, TRON.

  • Staking-based Applications, such as MakerDAO, InstaDApp, Compound.

  • Real Asset Tokenizations, such as Polymath, Securitize, Swarm.

  • DEXs & Markets, such as Uniswap, Balancer, Bancor, Kyber Network, IDEX.

  • Oracles & Predictions, such as Chainlink, Augur, Band Protocol, Gnosis.

  • Wallets, such as Enjin, Brave, Imtoken, Trust Wallet, Jaxx.


PROXI Labs is the venture branch of PROXI Foundation, powering the DeFi’s research and existing to grow the blockchain and crypto infrastructure. With leading backgrounds in the diverse industries, including J.P. Morgan, HSBC and Accenture, the council of PROXI Labs has been nurturing the most promising application scenarios for Open Finance.

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