Below is the overall full-stack blockchain architecture of PROXI, which contains four core modules, namely, Interoperability Layer, Decentralized Multi-asset Collateral Pool, Module for Credit Lending with High Leverage, and the Derivative Issuance and Trading Module.

  • Interoperability Layer PROXI supports the decentralized multi-asset collateral and the issuance of synthetic assets based on multiple assets. In order to improve the user experience and increase the user adoption, PROXI is open to all fundamental cross-chain solutions such as Polkadot and COSMOS to accelerate the security,scalability and flexibility.

  • Decentralized Multi-asset Collateral Pool PROXI supports the multi-asset collateral service in a permission-less and decentralized manner. Users can lock in the supported assets such as ETH and DAI to issue the synthetic assets such as bonds and earn the most high interests on deposits & borrow assets.

  • Credit Lending with High Leverage PROXI is an decentralized, credit-based leverage protocol built for investors, enabling the most high interest on deposits & borrow assets.Users can lock in supported assets (such as ETH) in collateral to earn interests and borrow assets with a variable leverage. Users can borrow up to 50-200% of their xToken’s value according to their Reputation(refer to the amount of native token CREDIT) in PROXI.

  • Derivative Issuance and Trading PROXI supports the issuance, trading and management of synthetic assets with the collateral of supported assets. Users can issue the customized derivative assets such as bonds to trade or raise funds in a decentralized way.


Core components of PROXI include:

  • Asset-backed Synthetic Issuance PROXI provides convenient tools for users to issue sophisticated derivatives assets and trade through swap protocol based on CREDIT Token.

  • Credit-based P2P Lending Profit from derivatives is based on your own lending or borrowing, all backed by smart contracts and transparent rates. Users could lock in supported assets(such as ETH) to achieve the maximum amount of leverage between 0-200% with the additional Reputation assets-CREDIT Token.

  • Portfolio Dashboard Users can pick and choose your risk profile in each sector. Allocate across different sectors and derivative financial products while managing investment portfolios in real-time.

Technical Analysis and Advantages

1.PROXI is a DeFi platform – Much more than just another staking protocol

  • Beyond staking, PROXI offers cross-chain interoperability,Multi-asset Collateral Pool, and derivative issuance.

  • In addition, it offers access to P2P lending and margin, and a unique portfolio dashboard.

2.Create synthetic assets whose risk volatility can trade in real-time

  • Many other DeFi protocols are simple tools to tie people’s assets together. If even 1% of the price decreases, liquidation could occur. Users need to add funds to protect their position when the price decreases.

3.Users can choose risk/reward level

  • Pick and choose your risk profile and track ROI in each sector.

  • More suitable for institutional investors.

  • Allocate across different synthetic asset classes and derivative financial products.

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